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Shamara Lurie B.Sc (Physiotherapy)

Shamara Lurie is the Physiotherapist at GOALS for Women. She offers a personalised, one on one approach to all her patients and works closely with the doctors here at GOALS as well as with other medical practitioners.

Her main focus is assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction in women (prenatal, postnatal, menopause, pre and post surgery). This includes treatment of incontinence (bladder and bowel), chronic constipation, voiding difficulties, pelvic organ prolapse, vaginismus and pelvic pain. She also has a special interest in prenatal and postnatal education and exercise.

Shamara’s particular area of expertise is in the physiotherapeutic care of menopausal women.

Shamara is a registered physiotherapist and has had over 20 years of extensive experience working in the field of women’s health, incontinence, childbirth education and osteoporosis. Over the years she has worked in both public hospitals and private practice. She is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, The National Continence and Women’s Health Special Interest Group, The Osteoporosis Sydney Support Group and the Continence Foundation of Australia. She is committed to ongoing education and attends regular workshops and courses in women’s health.

She also conducts the following workshops:

  • Pregnancy – preparing the pelvic floor and perineum for birth

  • Postnatal – pelvic floor and abdominal muscle recovery

  • Menopause – taking care of your pelvic floor, education and exercise

  • Osteoporosis – management and prevention

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